Quick, Easy Xmas Spiced Orange Choc Truffles


I have made a lot of truffles this festive period, more than I have ever made or eaten in my life. We’re talking several hundred! Spirulina, beetroot, orange, regular choc, vegan, fermented… you get the gist. I have made these for clients, given these as gifts and taught 9 children how to make them (that was MESSY)! How ever you like them, here is a quick recipe that can easily be whipped up and gifted or snaffled on your own, but ’tis the season for sharing, so I’d recommend sharing one or two. The recipe below is for the vegan, spiced orange version pictured above. If you’d like to make a fermented version, replace the coconut cream with milk kefir (cow, coconut or goat) and add a few tsp of maple syrup to balance the flavours.

Makes 40-50 truffles

300g good quality dark chocolate (85% or higher)

2tbsp raw cacao/cocoa powder, plus more for rolling

1tsp ground cinnamon

1/4tsp mixed spice

1/8tsp cayenne pepper

165ml coconut cream

1tbsp orange blossom nectar

1tsp maple syrup (optional)

1. In a bain marie, melt the chocolate, stirring to prevent burning.

2. When the chocolate has melted, whisk in the cacao and and spices. Followed by the wet ingredients and whisk until well combined.

3. Pour the truffle mixture into a container and place it in the fridge to cool for at least 2 hours. The mixture should be fairly solid.

4. When the mixture is cooled remove it from the fridge and let it sit for a few minutes before using a melon baller or 1tsp metal measuring spoon to scoop out the mixture.

5. Roll the mixture into a ball and roll into cacao/cocoa powder. Carry on until all the mixture is used.

6. Enjoy these straightaway or keep in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks.

Allergy info: none







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