Kids Online Cookery Classes

My kids classes are a real highlight in my week. I love teaching children about their food; how it supports their growing bodies, how it gets to their plate and how to make it. Teaching your kids to cook and cooking with them helps to impart so many invaluable skills they will use throughout their life.

I bring together key nutritional info, maths, science and a bit of humour in my classes. I even get the kids washing up. But the best bit, hands down, is that you’ll get to enjoy your delicious creation together at the end of the session.

‘Nena is great. We keep coming back to learn more .’

Kids Cookery Classes

1-hour, small group sessions where we talk food and nutrition in a fun, accessible way AND get cooking. Classes cover different topics with original, health-focused recipes (sweet and savoury). A list of equipment and ingredients are provided for each recipe, so you can get your shopping in. Please take note of the ingredients when booking and you will be send exact amounts in your confirmation email.

Recipes are suitable for children 3-12, with adult supervision as appropriate. You will receive PDF recipe card at the end of the session to keep.

If you have any dietary restrictions, get in touch before booking your sessions regarding substitutions can be made to all recipes, with prior notice.

‘These sessions are fantastic  – thank you!’

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‘Fantastic small friendly group. V knowledgeable tutor. Inspired to learn more!’