Nutrition & Cookery Packages

Feeling tired, sluggish, experiencing a particular health issue and think improving your diet will make you feel better? Or do you simply just want to feel healthier and eat better food?

I can help.

I offer two bespoke Nutrition & Cookery Packages that combine my expertise in nutrition and using food to support our health and wellbeing along with my practical, hands-on cookery skills.

These sessions offer advice and support to help you feel and eat better, but give you the practical skills and recipes to make it easy!

I am a strong advocate of eating real, whole foods and focus on eating a diet rich in plant-based nutrients to support and improve health–and I can help you to do this!

Eat better, Feel better (£175)

This package is for those of you who just want to rebalance your diet, eat better and feel better. You may have some specific health goals in mind and we can take these on board. We will cover the basic principles of eating a plant-rich, health focused diet and get cooking.

The full packaged includes:

-1 x 30 min initial consultation call (where we establish what you want to achieve)

-Food record analysis and bespoke advice

-1x 2.5 hour online cookery lesson

-Recipe book

-2 x 30 min follow up progress calls ( 2 weeks and 4 weeks post session)

Health SOS (£300)

Is your health suffering after years of neglect or have you been diagnosed with a specific condition and want to improve your diet to complement any other measures you’re taking? This packages provides more targeted support to help you understand how to reduce symptoms associated with specific health issues using food. As well as, these sessions provide holistic nutrition advice and support. And I will show you how to translate this advice to putting good food on your plate. This package is for you if you are experiencing symptoms from:

-Digestive health issues (ie IBS, IBD, Chron’s, stomach ulcers, etc)

-Skin complaints

-Chronic illness (i.e. diabetes, heart disease)

-Hormone imbalances

-Immune/Auto-immune issues

-Undergoing treatment for cancer

The full SOS package includes:

– 1 x 1 hour Zoom consultation

-Food record analysis & bespoke advice

-2 x 2.5 hour online cookery lesson

-Recipe e-book

– 3 x 30 minute follow-up calls (2 weeks, 4 and 6 weeks post sessions)cookery sessions

You can purchase additional 2 hour cookery sessions can be purchased for £100 and additional consultation sessions for £35 to add to either package.

To learn more about the packages and to decide which works best for you, click on the button below to schedule a chat.

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