Kitchen Coaching

Do you feel tired and sluggish or need help in improving a health concern such as low mood, IBS or food intolerance? Or perhaps you simply want to learn more about nutrition and introduce a wider range of foods into your diet?

I believe that eating a diet full of real, whole foods and plant-based nutrients is the best way of supporting and improving your overall health and your gut health. Focusing on nutrient-rich ingredients from a variety of nutritional sources, my bespoke programmes and cookery courses provide the skills and recipes to better support your health and wellbeing – not to mention help you put delicious and balanced meals on the table each day.

With my expertise in nutrition, cooking and gut health, I will work closely with you to create a bespoke programme tailored to your specific health needs with an underlying focus on good gut health. Imbalances in the gut can cause everything from brain fog and low immunity, to more serious issues such as depression, anxiety and auto-immune disease. You may be experiencing symptoms that linked to gut imbalances, and we can address these in our work together. All aspects of good health start with the gut. 

Eat better, Feel better (£1350)

This package is for those who want or need more intensive support to rebalance their diet, focus on building a healthier gut all the while eating delicious food and feel better as a result. Specific health goals will also be taken into consideration and your package will be designed to help you reach them. We will cover the basic principles of eating a plant-rich, gut-friendly diet and teach you the practical skills to cook delicious recipes at home.

We will work together over 12 weeks to help you eat better, feel better and work towards lasting dietary and lifestyle changes through a mixture of hands-on skill building and individualised goal setting. We’ll regularly check-in with fortnightly coaching calls to talk about how you’re progressing towards your goals and help you find the solutions to make sustainable health changes.

The full package includes:

  • 1 x 60 min initial consultation call where we establish what you want to achieve
  • Food record analysis over one week and bespoke nutritional advice
  • 2 x 2-hour online* cookery lessons
  • 1 x 1-hour fermentation lesson
  • 6 x 50 min coaching calls (fortnightly)


Building a healthier You (£599)

Do you want to eat better, but just need to know how to get you started? And you’re not sure if you can commit to something more long-term? Let me help!

We’ll head back to the basics to understand what types of food are best for nourishing our bodies, we’ll take a look at your cupboards and learn how to make swaps and amp up the nutrient density of your meals. We’ll cook together–I’ll show you how to put together more nutrient-dense meals and snacks, and most importantly, they’ll be delicious. AND I’ll show you how to make your own fermented foods to help support both your gut and overall health and wellbeing. Over the course of 4 weeks we’ll have weekly coaching calls and finish off our time with a personalised plan and new resources to help you maintain your new healthier habits. 

This package includes:

  • 60 min initial consultation
  • 1x 2-hour online cookery session
  • 1x 1-hour fermentation/gut health session
  • 3x 50 minutes of coaching calls

*Face-to-face cookery sessions can be arranged at an additional cost.


Additional two-hour cookery sessions can be purchased for £175 and additional 50-minute progress calls can be added for £65.

Not sure which package is right for you? Click HERE to schedule a chat with Nena.