Jar of golden Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut: Good for the gut and easy to make

Almost any vegetable (and fruit) can be fermented, but perhaps the most famous and fuss-free ferment is sauerkraut. Lacto-fermentation is a great way to preserve vegetables, and locking in their nutrients and increasing the gut-friendly bacteria.

Move over pancakes…

Pancakes are a weekend staple round ours and I have made pretty much every combination you can imagine (including the less than well received matcha, dark choc chip combo). I recently bought a waffle iron, and waffles have now replaced the pancake as our weekend breakfast favourite. I've also recently started experimenting with milk kefir thanks to my army … Continue reading Move over pancakes…

A wholegrain take on choc chip biscuits

I found out recently from my son's school that they want to feature a recipe that we created for his February half-term homework as part of a cookbook that will be sold during  'Healthy Living Week' at the school. I'm chuffed. He's not really bothered. Either way, I had fun making these with him and these are now … Continue reading A wholegrain take on choc chip biscuits

When you want a curry, but can’t stomach the spice

After reading the title, you will realise that there's a bad pun lurking. Apologies, but it was too good to pass up. Puns aside, this recipe was developed for the boyfriend of a friend who loves curry, but not the after effects.  Despite being a very keen cook, curries being amongst his favourites, he eats a lot … Continue reading When you want a curry, but can’t stomach the spice

Raw Cacao, Salted Date Caramel and Sunflower Seed Butter Cups

Chocolatey, crunchy and oozy amazing butter cups

The idea for these came late one night and I was pleased that I acted on the impulse. These butter cups in fact are delicious, so much so that you wouldn't believe that they are actually quite healthy - full of good fat, antioxidants and no refined sugars. I could go on, singing their nutritional praises, but you'd fall asleep and not busy yourself with making these.