As part of my prep for my fermented drinks workshops, I brew bigger batches of milk kefir. To make sure nothing goes to waste, I like to cook with it. It adds a lovely tang which works well with sweet as well as savoury dishes, just like buttermilk. Of course, heating it kills off the […]

Sauerkraut: Good for the gut and easy to make

Lacto-fermentation is a great way to preserve vegetables, and locking in their nutrients and increasing the gut-friendly bacteria. Almost any vegetable (and fruit) can be fermented, but perhaps the most famous and fuss-free ferment is sauerkraut. Sauerkraut is made when the sugar in the cabbage is converted to lactic acid, which happens when salt helps […]

A hearty salad: What to eat when the weather can’t make up its mind

I love salad, a hearty salad, mind you. This means my salads often include grains, pulses and seeds, as well as veg (the more colourful the better, I say) which creates a filling and nutrient dense meal. The combination of pulses, grains and proteins, is not only a winner in terms of taste and texture, […]